Monday, December 20, 2010

Question: Are you using either Usenet or VPN Services?

Do you use either Usenet or VPN services currently?

Hey Readers,

I'm curious - are you using either a Usenet newsgroup provider, or a VPN service provider?  If so, which provider are you using for the service?

Giganews, VyprVPN, StrongVPN, Easynews, NewsDemon, TuVPN - another service provider?...

Thou shalt secure thine connection before traveling
Doesn't really matter if it's a pay or free provider, of either service.  
All pimps wear this hat
I'm trying to figure out what is actually in use out there.  I can look it up all I want, but I figure asking you readers is just as effective.

Is this how you get security on the net?
Please let me know in the comments!  Yes/No (to either service), and who is the provider...THANKS!

**bonus - if you're willing to comment on how the service is, in your opinion, that would be AWESOME!**


  1. I'm going to try the last solution...

  2. The last solution should work perfectly. Much cheaper.

  3. Lol the last solution is genius!

  4. You can easily telnet into Mordor, their firewall couldn't even keep a couple of hobbits out.

  5. haha telnet. When I was a student studying 3D animation, I would use telnet to remote into my university's server. Could control render settings and export projects all through a 14.4 k modem lol

  6. uuuhhh i dont think i use either

  7. I've used CyberGhost VPN, but it's kind of a pain to log into, and I don't like seeing sidebar ads in German. But it is free, so there's that.

  8. hahah i wonder how much protection that can handle? ;)

  9. The last pic is probably the oldest pic on the internet =P

    Keep it up!

  10. Not using any VPN or usenet. Should I?

  11. @Sucio - hey those are all 3 good choices there brother! Thanks for writing and linking to each of them. That's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for friends!