Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blogger Settings You Should Know - Blog like a Pro

Changing your default Blogger settings so you can Blog like a pro!

1.  Turn off Captcha.  Seriously, it makes me want to kill kittens.  And that's a bad thing.
Settings > Comments > Show Word Verification > No

For the love of god, please disable captcha!
2.  Add your blog/website link to your profile.
Dashboard > Edit Profile > Homepage URL > Enter your blog address
Dashboard > Edit Profile > Select Blogs to Display > Select your Blog

Make your homepage URL your blog

Select your blogs and they appear on your profile
3.  Get Adsense going.  Put an ad up, or two.  You might make a dollar, or not.

AdSense will make you rich in no time
4.  Add the followers widget somewhere on your page.

5.  Allow anyone to comment.
Settings > Comments > Who can Comment? > Anyone

Allow anon, it's important
6.  Turn off comment moderation
Settings > Comments > Comment Moderation > Never 

You can always delete comments later anyway...
7.  Let the world know
Settings > Basic > Add your blog to our listings > Yes
Settings > Basic > Let Search Engines find your Blog > Yes

Get your blog listed by search engines
8.  Get a real domain name
The cost is minimal to get a dot com for an entire year, $7.49 - $10.00
GoDaddy and Google are both top notch.  Get a real dot com for yourself.  Drop the ""
See my earlier post on GoDaddy deals ($7.49 domain name, and free private registration!)


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  1. I want to get a domain but I've already got my blog link posted so many places...

    Also fuck adsense they banned me. Haters.

  2. I've had my own domain ( from day one but didn't do step 8 when I set up the blog. Now, I suspect that when I do switch, followers will "lose" the RSS feed.

    (I've "lost track" of several blogs I followed when they took the jump.)

  3. #1 and #2... you shouldn't be using the internet if you can't figure out how to do those two...

    Sucio... if you go through google, u should be fine...

    I did GoDaddy and my feed was fine...

  4. Agree with NooG

    @Yllsa - I had submitted my blog to a bunch of directories (see my sidebar), but I haven't had any problem since getting my own domain. All you need to do is make sure the redirect is up from to

    @Sucio - I didn't go through Google, and my own RSS feed stayed up OK (I subscribe to my own feed on MyYahoo and iGoogle).

  5. Oops, I may have forgot to turn off the captcha on my blog.

    I'll change that right away.

  6. i share your hate for Captcha, i will be sure to turn it off on my blog as well!

  7. great tips! I rage so hard when i see captcha. I need to do a few of those steps. Did some but not all.

  8. just out of curiosity, is there ANYONE that hasnt been banned by adsense?

  9. thnx :) very good help an thanx Suciô Sanchez for blogging it

  10. great advice. thanks for posting!

  11. SO many people don't do these things, and it is so frustrating. :/

  12. good tips, now give me some writing ideas:/

  13. Yeah the first two are a must. So many people follow me and I can't follow them back because there isn't a blog link in their profile.

    I turn on comment moderation though because otherwise I get too many inane comments.

  14. Good info. Thanx. Will have to get a domain soon.

  15. Those are pretty much the main steps, you covered it pretty well, nice job !

  16. Good to know. I will follow your advice.

  17. Virtue preserved from fell destructions blast, Following!

  18. Captcha is annoying, and should be taken out and shot. I've gotten enough flag-raising comments already to leave moderation on, though.
    Thanks for the info!

  19. excellent work.fantastic tips.i liked this post.i found it useful.

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