Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Great Android Apps - Shit You Totally Need

A list of 10 highly recommended and totally FREE Android Apps that you totally need.

Now that Christmas is over, I'm sure you didn't get everything you wanted!  So, why not treat yourself to some cool new Android apps that don't cost a dime?

Below is a list of 10 Great Android Apps, all totally FREE.  This is shit you totally need.
Each app has a link to the AppBrain market so you can download it to your computer, or you can just navigate to the app in the market on your phone.  Screen grabs are included and the descriptions should do a decent job of telling you why that app is SHIT YOU TOTALLY NEED!

VLC Stream & Convert
I've posted on this awesome app quite a few times, so it's obvious I would put it on this list.  Stream HD/SD/MP3 from your computer to your phone.  Over Wifi/3G/4G.  Convert files for playing on your phone.  Use your phone as a remote control for VLC (i.e. control the computer's VLC from your phone).  It's badass.  Free version and paid version.
VLC S&C is the king of streaming

Streaming a 720p MKV file to phone via 3G
Have you been hiding under a fucking rock?  Download this app and listen to music.  Enter info to create a channel (like a song name, artist, genre, etc.).  Listen to music on that channel.  It's kind of like being able to create your XM radio channels.  Be careful with their updates though...sometimes shit breaks.  Check the comments before updating this app.  I'm still running an old version, but it seems like their latest fixed a bunch of bugs.  Free application.  Free and paid subscriptions available. 

NextApp System Panel
Best app utility out there for Android.  Check running tasks.  Kill tasks.  View processor, memory, and network useage.  Collect device performance history in easy to read graphs.  View the Top Apps utilizing processor power.  Shows you tasks running that even Froyo won't show you.  Free.

BatStat Battery Widget
Great widge for one of your home screen.  Get percent readout on battery life, temperature, and voltage.  Very accurate.  Very easy to use.  Minimal footprint.  Does not drain battery.  Beware of other impostors they will drain your battery! (kind of ironic when you think about it...) Free.
BatStat is next to the Airplane Widget

Display all of your "accounts" in one easy to read screen.  Financial - like banking, savings, investing, etc.  Bills - like comcast, att, sprint, etc.  Subscriptions - like Netflix, etc.  They just put out a big update for their Android app and changed the look and feel.  Nice upgrade.  You need this.  Free and paid version.  Edit to add:  A lot of people are commenting on some extra info for those interested:  1 - you enter the account info using the website, primarily.  Account numbers are not displayed in the phone, just balances and pertinent particulars (cell minutes remaining, bill due date, recent transactions, outstanding balance, etc.)  2 - you can't access accounts or manipulate accounts from the phone (or the website).  In other words, you can't transfer funds, change passwords, change address, etc. etc.  It only displays info - no controls offered.  3 - you can put a special password for the app itself, which can be diff than your phone password.  you can also allow/deny access to the phone using the pageonce website.  All in all, unless you consider the ability to view your account balances a significant security risk, there really isn't much reason to worry.  
Visual voicemail.  Customize answering messages by contact, or by contact groups.  Manage your voicemail via the web.  Very easy to use, very easy to setup.  Free and paid version.
Watch TV for free on the phone from CBS.  It's one provider only, but the offering is good, and the quality is good.  Full episodes, live TV and clips.  Free.

ASTRO File Manager
Best file and folder manager out there for Android.  View files/folders over the network.  Has a great image viewer for viewing large picture galleries.  Let's you basically treat the phone SD card and memory like Windows Explorer.  Free.
View shows and artists going on in your area.  Add a list of your favorite artists, see when they play next.  Use the locator to see whats going on around you.  Learn about the show, venue, artist and even buy tickets.  Very easy to use.  Free.
ShootMe (Screen Grabber)
Take screenshots of your phone.  Turn on the app and shake the phone.  Presto - screenshot.  Saves the pictures to a folder on your SD card.  Very easy to use.  It's how I make screenshots for this blog.  Free.

So that's it, 10 Great Android Apps to get yourself as a post-christmas gift.  The best part is everything is totally FREE.  Look for another installment of Android Apps - Shit You TOTALLY Need coming in the near future!


  1. I'd love to have all my personal finances centralized on an easily lost/stolen mobile device.

  2. Hey man, this was a great list. Thanks! :)

  3. @Sucio - Haha! You can lock the app down with a password, and discontinue service to the device from the pageonce website (should you lose the phone), but yup - the problem with centralization is always the same...a single point of failure.

  4. I wouldn't trust putting my info on a phone in general. But these are pretty cool apps to have :D

  5. Wow, some of them look pretty dang handy. That System Panel one looks especially useful, something that I'd actually expect to see in next gen phones anyway.

  6. Great apps. Sometimes you need to sacrifice a little security for freedom and convenience.

  7. The first two apps would come in very useful for me personally.

  8. VLC and Astro are must-haves... I don't know what I'd do without that filemanager...

  9. They are free and they are great, what more could you possibly want

  10. I agree with Classy, but I would need to buy a smart phone first lol...following

  11. I'm still debating dropping the iPhone for Droid when my contract is up, it just seems like such a waste after such a long investment. But I hate AT&T.

  12. These sound great to use.

    If I had an Android to begin with. i_i

  13. Great post. Have tried, and still use a few, some I haven't heard of. So, I will have to try those now. Thanx.

  14. i wonder if iphone has any of these, seems pretty useful!

  15. i should get the BatStat Battery Widget

  16. Thanks for the list, il try some out later

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