Thursday, December 9, 2010

Congratulations SpaceX!! - Images & Video from COTS 1 Demo

Congratulations again to SpaceX for their successful demonstration mission yesterday!  The Falcon 9 and Dragon vehicles performed admirably.

My first post yesterday covered their successful launch and achievement of orbit with the Dragon crew/cargo capsule.  My second post yesterday covered their successful re-entry.

Here are some more images to continue the celebration.
Dragon with parachutes deployed
Recovery boat approaches Dragon
High Res of the Falcon 9 launch by NASA
High Res of launch by Parabolic Arc
High Res of launch by Florida Today

Youtube has some great video of the launch as well, here are some good selections:
  • Link 1 - HD coverage from NASA TV of the launch (no onboard video) 
  • Link 2 - Original SpaceX webcast footage of launch (with onboard video)
  • Link 3 - Post Mission interview with Elon Musk (55min long)


  1. they can do all this, but still no hoverboard?? wtf science?!?!

  2. Dude, it's 2010, where's my flying car?!

  3. "SpaceX has enormous testicles." :D

  4. Not sure about the last pic, but the rest are great.

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