Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HideMyAss VPN Review - 95% of Network Fast Enough for Streaming High Def!

httpI came across a really well done VPN review on HideMyAss.  The folks over at VPNandUsenetReviews.com did an amazing job on an indepth review of the HMA VPN software and service, including a full test. 
They did such a good job they documented just about everything in the software, and then went off and did a full speed test.  But they didn't stop there, they actually did some math on the results and produced some real conclusions!  Amazing...

The basic conclusion is that HMA has a really fast network.  Over 95% of it can support speeds suitable for streaming high def.  Even if you accept some of the highest measures of speeds required, over 70% of the HMA VPN network still meets the requirements.  Pretty cool when you consider it's only $11.52/mo.

The indepth review includes screenshots of almost all the HMA features in their VPN client software.  It also includes all the speed test results from the 20 something countries that HMA offers.  

Have a look at all the screenshots of the software and the full test here.

Personally I like both VyprVPN and HMA for VPN service and VPN clients.  I think either one is an excellent choice.  They both end up highly ranked over at that site too for obvious reasons (price, features, performance, etc.)