Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HTC EVO 4G - No Notifications for Mail going to Folders - WTF??!!

A word to the wise...something is fubar with HTC (and/or Android v2.2 Froyo)

You don't get notifications for email that is routed to folders.  So everyone out there on Exchange/Outlook with rules that route emails from the inbox to folders are screwed.  Which includes me of course.

The iPhone does this, and so does WinMo.  I had an iPhone 1st gen that did this just fine.  WTF guys?  Do you not use rules?  Don't give me some crap about being on Exchange/Outlook and how the "cloud" is so much better.  BS.  Everyone's place of business is on Exchange/Outlook.

Just to be clear, the HTC EVO 4G with Andoid 2.2 (Froyo) does support Exchange folders.  It does not, however, support notifications or a "new mail" or even a number of new messages display for email folders.  You must click Menu > Folders > Select the Folder, for the phone to refresh the mail in that folder.  Can you say BS?

The icing on the cake is the weak ass UI for the mail folders.  Just a flat listing, no heirarchy.  Folders with long names?  Your screwed.  Sub-Subfolders, haha, wait till you see that in the list.  (In the video, jump forward to 2:00 to see him show the folder listing, notice how it's just a flat list you have to scroll through - MAJOR BUMMER!)

Take it from an EVO 4G owner, this is one area where HTC/Android is BEHIND in the smartphone war.  And, I think, for a good number of business users this will be a big "aww, wtf guys, comeon, REALLY??!!"

Watch the above video for a good demonstration of Exchange with HTC EVO 4G.  Note:  the guy goes off about global contacts.  Yeah, yeah, we get you can call people from the global.  Cool.  Now how about my damn email folders?  He's also using Android 2.1 in the video, but for all intensive purposes the mail application on the HTC EVO 4G has not changed from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boxee Releases New Version! Free Movies!

So Boxee has put out a new beta version.

The major update is the inclusion of a Movie Library, FREE.  Much like the existing TV Library, this scrapes together free movie content from all over the web.

(For those of you that don't know, Boxee has a free TV library that brings together TV content from Hulu, Comedy Central, Fox, and others in one user interface.  Great for your PC/Mac/HTPC.)

The libraries (TV, and now Movies) are definitely one of the best features of Boxee.  It's awesome to see them expand the concept from TV to Movies now.  Who needs Netflix?  Well, not quite...you're mostly looking at older content on Boxee - you won't get the latest blockbusters for free ya know.

Head on over to Boxee and download it!  You won't be disappointed. 

note:  don't forget, both Boxee and XBMC work great with your remote control!

Sharepod Review (and some CopyTrans) -- Copy your iPod!

For copying music, video, pictures from an ipod to the computer without iTunes....SHAREPOD!

Why?  Because iTunes sucks.  That's why.  iTunes if fuck1ng terrible.  If you are too lame to see that, I can't help you.  Stop reading.

If you've made it this far, you are looking for a way to copy music (or anything else) directly from your ipod to your computer.  Or somebody else's iPod.  Hello, music sharing..."May I borrow your ipod for 5 minutes" (ripppp)

Two good applications for this are:

  1. Sharepod
  2. CopyTrans Manager

To understand the differences quickly, look at this way:

  • Both will get the job done
  • CopyTrans Manager has "more features" (i.e. bigger software)
  • Sharepod is free

The choice is yours.  Both Sharepod and CTM can easily copy files back and forth from ipod to computer.  No iTunes bullshit.  Need all your songs from your ipod copied to your laptop?  Done.  Want to add videos without the hassle of iTunes?  Done.

I'll give Sharepod the nod because it's free.  But if you know what you're doing...so is CTM.

Enjoy the sharing, and always remember, tis better to give than receive!

(CTM screenshot below)