Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HTC EVO 4G - No Notifications for Mail going to Folders - WTF??!!

A word to the wise...something is fubar with HTC (and/or Android v2.2 Froyo)

You don't get notifications for email that is routed to folders.  So everyone out there on Exchange/Outlook with rules that route emails from the inbox to folders are screwed.  Which includes me of course.

The iPhone does this, and so does WinMo.  I had an iPhone 1st gen that did this just fine.  WTF guys?  Do you not use rules?  Don't give me some crap about being on Exchange/Outlook and how the "cloud" is so much better.  BS.  Everyone's place of business is on Exchange/Outlook.

Just to be clear, the HTC EVO 4G with Andoid 2.2 (Froyo) does support Exchange folders.  It does not, however, support notifications or a "new mail" or even a number of new messages display for email folders.  You must click Menu > Folders > Select the Folder, for the phone to refresh the mail in that folder.  Can you say BS?

The icing on the cake is the weak ass UI for the mail folders.  Just a flat listing, no heirarchy.  Folders with long names?  Your screwed.  Sub-Subfolders, haha, wait till you see that in the list.  (In the video, jump forward to 2:00 to see him show the folder listing, notice how it's just a flat list you have to scroll through - MAJOR BUMMER!)

Take it from an EVO 4G owner, this is one area where HTC/Android is BEHIND in the smartphone war.  And, I think, for a good number of business users this will be a big "aww, wtf guys, comeon, REALLY??!!"

Watch the above video for a good demonstration of Exchange with HTC EVO 4G.  Note:  the guy goes off about global contacts.  Yeah, yeah, we get you can call people from the global.  Cool.  Now how about my damn email folders?  He's also using Android 2.1 in the video, but for all intensive purposes the mail application on the HTC EVO 4G has not changed from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2.


  1. i like this blog its kind of what im trying to do. Check mine out and let me know what you think... thanks

  2. Iphone = Eww. I'll assume the Android was made by someone else, so i guess that's the one i'll be buying when i get enough money.
    Anything made by apple is annoyingly overpriced :(

  3. man i want oneeee, iphone sucks!

  4. The EVO is definitely better than the Iphone, hell I think the Blackberry is better. I'll be picking one up for sure.

  5. that sucks. you think they'd work that shit out before releasing them.

    love the space pics btw :)

  6. Can this problem be fixed somehow. Too bad if not...

  7. the iphone is no good the android is so much better

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