Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Congratulations SpaceX!! - Falcon 9 / Dragon Test Flight

Congratulations to SpaceX for the successful COTS demonstration launch today!  HELL YEAH!
Falcon 9 looking sexy on the pad
Today's launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with the Dragon crew/cargo capsule appears to be a huge success.  Launch went well, first stage / second stage separation went well, and the Dragon capsule confirmed separation and powered on it's propulsion systems successfully in orbit.
Today's Falcon 9 launch at Kennedy Space Center, FL
Second stage kicking ass

Damn fine job.  I watched the webcast with great anticipation, as this test had a lot on the line for the US, SpaceX, NASA, and human spaceflight in general.  Very happy to see that it went smoothly.  These screenshots are from that webcast.  (
Dragon capsule separates and starts to kick ass on its own

All that is left now are a few orbits around the earth, re-entry (not trivial), and recovery (and inspection). 

Dragon capsule can carry cargo and crew to LEO
Will be looking forward to additional updates on their COTS demonstration mission as it becomes available.  I might post more, as information and images trickle in from various sources.


  1. Every time a rocket like that launches into space we get closer to Star trek capability ships :)

  2. so this is a new model from the US?

  3. @smatchimo, yes this is a new model from a commercial US company. the launch vehicle / rocket (falcon 9) and the capsule (dragon) are both new.