Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Upgrade Sickbeard - New Sickbeard Ver 461

SickBeard is rocking out with new releases these days.  Very cool.

If you don't know, SickBeard is an awesome utility to automatically search for, download, and organize TV.  For anybody with a HTPC, or a box streaming video to the TV (that will play file extensions other than some Mac bullsh1t), this utility can be your PVR.  For free.  Do you know Ron Popeil, Ronco?  "Set it and forget it, b1tch."

The latest build is #461, put out a day or so ago.  I've been running this for awhile now, and am upgrading from build #455 (have also done other upgrades in the past).

I figure some people might like a quick how-to on upgrades for SickBeard, since the Wiki is a little thin on the subject.  I could edit/create the page on Wiki, but, meh.

So here's the deal:
  • Download the new build zip
  • Unzip the files to your installation location (note: i normally don't just unzip them into the prior build...i wouldn't recommend that either...unzip to a new location)
  • In your previous sickbeard installation folder, look for the following two files:  config.ini and sickbeard.db
  • That is your configuration settings file, and the sickbeard database, respectively
  • Copy these files to the new installation directly (where you unzipped the new build)
  • Put them in the same directory as sickbeard.exe
  • Make sure you have shutdown your old sickbeard if it's running (note: this is prob a good step 1, lol)
  • Run Sickbeard.exe
That's it, you're done.  You should be now running the new build, and you are likely looking at a new firefox tab of the SickBeard home screen.

Example of SickBeard home screen - displays TV shows being tracked
To sum up, upgrading is easy.  Download the new build.  Install.  Copy your old Config.ini and Sickbeard.db files to the new install.  Run.