Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sick Beard is Sick!!

Review of Sick Beard program for Win/Mac and anything that can run Python.

Sick Beard is by far one of the coolest PVR applications out there.  If you aren't familiar with PVR applications like this one, also see:  Episode Butler

I'm not going to get into a pissing contest over which application is better, suffice to say I use Sick Beard.  Sick Beard is sick.  Need I say more?

PVR applications like Sick Beard serve some really awesome purposes:
  1. They catalog any and all existing TV content you may already have saved
  2. It organizes (moves/renames/etc) your TV content for you
  3. Adds NFO, picture, and other data files to TV content for your favorite media library
  4. Shows you any missing episodes, special features, or extras you may be missing 
  5. Shows you when the next/upcoming episodes are for your TV shows (day/time/etc)
But the best part of Sick Beard is the automation.  Sick Beard provides integration with NZB search/index and usenet downloaders (SabNZB, Newsbin, etc).  This is where the "PVR" comes in - kinda like TiVO - you tell Sick Beard what to look out for, and it takes care of the rest.
SickBeard allows you to manage TV Show downloads
You can go from TV Show name or Episode to...Fetched NZB file from search provider to...
Usenet reader download to...
File renamed, moved, and added to media library
Example of SickBeard file/folder structure after processing
Without interruption.

Three cheers for Sick Beard!!

note:  check out my other post on integrating SickBeard with Newsbin for more screenshots!

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