Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blackberry with BIS Calendar Sync

Struggling with a personal Blackberry and the calendar? Without the BES "backbone" many personal Blackberry users miss out on the wireless sync of their calendars.

Don't believe me? Try it on your Blackberry, go to Calendar and see if you can activate Wireless won't be able to!

Never fear, you can still sync your Blackberry calendar with your Outlook 03/07, Gmail, or other similar calendar. This post will specifically tackle sync'ing:

Blackberry Calendar
Outlook 2003/2007 Calendar
Google Gmail

On the computer with Outlook, install the Google Calendar Sync application:

With a Blackberry on BIS, and a computer with Outlook you can setup wireless sync with your calendar! Create appointments in Outlook and they will sync with the Blackberry.

Create them on the Blackberry and they will sync with the Outlook calendar.
Google Mobile Sync:
(On your BB:

This solution works beautifully on a Blackberry to keep the calendar in-sync with an existing Outlook calendar. This solution will allow wireless sync for a Outlook calendar, a Google Calendar, and a Blackberry Calendar.

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